Ethical Management Guide
Hyundai Everdigm considers 'ethics' as the top priority in all business activities and conducts all tasks transparently, fairly and logically.
Our corporate philosophy is for the company to fulfill its responsibilities and obligations faithfully as a member of society
and continue to expand the corporate value to become a company that is loved and trusted by all stakeholders, including customers,
shareholders, partners, employees, the country and society.

Hyundai Everdigm operates regular training, a monitoring system and a practicing organization
based on clear standards for effective practice and establishment of ethical management.

Ethical Management Practices
  • Regulation/system establishment

    Ethical standard (ethics charter, code of ethics, guidelines for ethical practice)

    operation of reporting channels (Ethics Reporting Center)

  • Training

    Ethical practice pledge from all employees

    ethical management practice training

  • Practicing organization/monitoring

    Designated department for ethical management (Ethical Practice Office)

    compliance inspection / self-inspection (Internal trade committee)

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