Introducing Hyundai Everdigm,
a global company that builds the future.
Hyundai Everdigm is a company name that contains a philosophy for customer satisfaction and a will for the future.

Hyundai Everdigm is an affiliate of the Hyundai Department Store Group and is a unique heavy equipment manufacturing company of Korea that can respond to
comprehensive business fields such as construction, civil engineering, resources, disasters, national defense, and import business through a variety of product lines
ranging from concrete pump cars, tower cranes, generators, fire trucks, drilling machines, attachments, lock tools, and special military vehicles.

Currently, there are 6 major domestic branches (Seoul, Jincheon, Chopyeong, Jeonju, Anseong, Yangsan) and 4 overseas subsidiaries (USA, China, Mongolia, Belgium)
and a worldwide network of 150 branches in 90 countries.

At Hyundai Everdigm, 80 out of 526 total employees, or about 15%, are R&D personnel, and the R&D expense has grown by 30% over the last 10 years. This investment
attained competitiveness and differentiation for our products by securing more than 232 patent rights, trademark registration, and design.

As a social enterprise, Hyundai Everdigm fulfills its responsibilities as a corporate citizen and practices harmonious development of society and the company with
an interest in loving and sharing with the local community.


Hyundai Everdigm, an affiliate of the
Hyundai Department Store Group, plans for a greater future through synergy with the group companies.

  • Real

    Hyundai Everdigm, which started out with the sales of used equipment, has established itself as a global leader in the heavy equipment manufacturing industry. For the past 27 years, we have achieved true customer satisfaction through constant innovation and by continuing to challenge ourselves.

  • Pro

    We increase efficiency by following work procedures based on standardized criteria and principles and create products with a professional mindset for excellent quality.

  • Advanced

    We are making history in innovation with our accumulated know-how and advanced technology. Global Hyundai Everdigm builds a bigger and better world through true customer satisfaction, thorough professionalism, and excellent quality.

Research & Development

Introduce R&D Center

Hyundai Everdigm R&D

The basis of Hyundai Everdigm’ s growth is the strong R&D technology in the construction, demolition, mining and rescue fields.
Beginning from Hanwoo T&C in 1994 to the present Hyundai Everdigm, our endless efforts and research allowed us to become the global Hyundai Everdigm.
In 2012, Hyundai Everdigm newly opened the R&D Center, Since then, we have been trying to achieve development of new concept equipment with maximized the
efficiency, and extended the product life cycle.

The central research center at the headquarter as foundation, we have been expanding the investment in advanced development, new product design, and application
of new technologies. Such efforts allow us to respond to the fluctuating market condition with strengthened product competitiveness and development of differentiated
These efforts led to the securing technologies and registration of patents which we develop and apply to our products.
And every year we implement development award scheme to increase the consciousness for research and development.
Additionally, through the spurring development of fuel-efficient and high-efficiency equipment, we contribute in social role as the environmentally friendly company.

Utility model
Patent 20 Brand 32
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Since foundation, Hyundai Everdigm has been a passion for products and

Hyundai Everdigm 's spirit of challenge and passion for innovation are true with the result of product excellence.
We are the driving force to build an image as a global company.